Polylase LP Dual Output (Alexandrite + Nd:YAG) Laser

Lenella Laser Spa has just acquired one of the newest and most advanced aesthetic laser hair removal technologies in all of Brooklyn – The Polylase LP – Dual-Output Laser Technology! Now, our clients can enjoy the benefits of a laser hair removal system only found in some of the top spas in New York City (without having to pay the same exorbitant prices for their treatments)!

This dual-laser provides outstanding results in a wide range of laser cosmetic procedures. Its two modal functions allow us to comfortably and safely handle hair removal from ANY SKIN COLOR. Whether you were born with dark skin or light skin – this machine (one of only two in Brooklyn) can successfully accommodate your hair removal needs; and the results can be permanent after a number of treatments.

The 1st mode – the 755nm Alexandrite – is the most efficient tool for hair removal for light-skin clients. Its 755 nm output allows achieving unmatched selective action on melanin in follicles with minimum damage to surrounding skin. In fact, the 755nm Alexandrite is the only laser proved to achieve permanent hair reduction in most clients with light skin types after a reasonable amount of treatment sessions. Yet, among all available Alexandrite lasers, our Polylase LP is an outstanding one.

Given the Alexandrite wavelength’s high absorption by melanin, our Polylase LP provides long lasting results even after the first procedure, with a high percentage of permanent hair reduction after each subsequent treatment.

The wide selection of operating parameters, including a broad range of available pulse durations, give the Polylase LP an advantage to remove hair more safely, gently, and effectively than competitive systems.

The 2nd mode – 1064nm Nd:YAG mode – allows for safe hair removal from dark and tanned skin. The deeper penetration of the 1064nm wavelength provides maximum efficacy for hair removal in deep follicles